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Abraham Mouton: Wildlife Photographer

Based in Western Cape, South Africa and after quite a number of years in the corporate Abraham Mouton, Wildlife Photographer and Travel Bloggerworld where I gained valuable experience, the opportunity arose to combine it with my passion for photography.

My approach to photography is one of capturing the emotional element in a specific situation – that special moment creating that lasting memory. Such a lasting memory was created a few years ago while in a canoe on a beautiful river when a Malachite kingfisher perched next to me, looked me in the eyes, turned its head towards the water and dived, returning in a flash with a catch. Besides the fact that the canoe nearly capsized, that moment was so colourful, fast and gripping that it had such a lasting impact on me to savour that moment for ever.

Having a love for nature, familiar with nature and birding locations in Western Cape, getting around the Kruger National Park and other nature reserves, I am able to assist with any information pertaining to these.

Further to the above, I have explored the potential of printing some of my photos on garments  and such is now available on request or customised.

Trust you will enjoy browsing through my portfolio for sampling of my work. Please feel free to contact me.