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Wildernis Ebb & Flo Apr'15: Let's go camping

Wildernis Ebb & Flo Apr'15: Let's go camping
Published 8 May 2015 by Abraham Mouton under SANParks Features Share this...

It all started a few months ago at a braai with close friends.

They are also Kruger lovers, but has not been there for a while now and long overdue. They are easy tent dwellers, so the discussion lends itself to when we are going again, we will have to do the camp thing. After another glass of Shiraz, the excitement levels increase with the result that Kruger has been booked for Dec'15.

The next suggestion was that we do a trial run as soon as we got our tent. Tent bought together with other camping gear, and we decided on short notice to do our trial run at Wildernis Ebb & Flo. Reservation finalised and here we are about to depart. We booked a camp site on the northern section of the Park - just opposite the rondawels.

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