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Bontebok National Park 2015: Where is Stanley?

Bontebok National Park 2015: Where is Stanley?
Published 6 October 2015 under SANParks Features Share this...

Where is Stanley? Visiting one of SANParks smallest parks, we are on a mission to find Stanley, one of Bontebok's hidden gems.

It is amazing how quickly times flies as the last time we visited Bontebok NP was in Dec 2010 and at the time only stayed over one night en-route to the Garden Route, hence it was a very quick visit not able to explore what this park really had to offer. Now, we had the opportunity to spend 2 days at Bontebok and explore some of the drives, trails and the camp facilies. 

As I am writing this trip report, I must mention that this park has really crept under my skin and cannot wait to return to Bontebok to enjoy the ubundance of bird life, wildlife and stunning scenery. To learn more about our visit and if we managed to find Stanley, please click on this link - Bontebok NP 2015: Where is Stanley?