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Mahlangeni - Kobie Kruger

Mahlangeni - Kobie Kruger

Mahlangeni is the Tsonga name for 'meeting place' - the place where the Little and Greater Letaba rivers meet in the Central region of Kruger National Park. It was the residence of the Kruger family - Kobus Kruger who was a game ranger since 1980 and his wife, Kobie with their two daughters.

It contains stories of the family while staying at Mahlangeni, the challenges they had to face getting across the river by boat despite  hippos and flooding, elephants raiding the gardens, trouble on the road between Phalaborwa and Mahlangeni while taking the childern to school and fetching them again, fires and experiences while studying  babboons and gaining their confidence.

It is an amazing read and one just gets renewed appreciation for the families working hard in protecting this important park. Another book 'All Things Wild and Wonderful' is a follow on to this book and highly recommended.

This pre-owned book in good condition and great buy.


Taken 13 April 2015
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